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Asian remy human hair,wefted hair extensions.

ázsiai hajAsian hair is perfectly suitable for hair volumizing as well as for hair extensions. It is 1st class, cuticle line, dyed original human hair. Among the human hair, Asian human hair is priced the best.
The hair of Asian people is strong, thick and always straight, and has a silky feel. If untreated it is black, thus it undergoes strong chemical treatment for colour and thickness in order to be suitable for hair extensions and volumizing for European people.
AFROline Asian hair is mechanically threaded in 1 row approximately 1-1.5 m in length. Before fitting it should be cut to the proper size. In every case the rows should be fastened, and re-sewed. The dyeing and colouring of the already chemically treated hair is not recommended.

It is available in lengths between 45 and 65 cm. One pack contains approximately 100
grams of prepared, mechanically threaded Asian hair. The colours of the Asian hair can
be found at the bottom of the page.ázsiai haj


Asian wefted human hair extensions 16 " (100g): £ 91.99
Asian wefted human hair extensions 24 " (100g): £ 136.99



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