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Hair extensions pliers. Pliers are special tools for fitting and removing hair extensions.

We purchase two types of pliers, both of the products have springs for easy use.AFROline pliers

1. Pliers for heat fitting.Pliers for Fusion Glue Bond Removal. This product is
suitable for the removal or crumbling of the binding materials applied during
glued hair of heat fitted hair extensions, or for the creation of flat surface fitting.
Identical flat fitting shapes can be created from the warmed keratin end hair
ectensions and one’s own locks of hair, with the help of the flat fitting parts.
The pliers have been developed so the keratin can be locked in between
their two ends, and with pressure it can be easily crumbled and removed, in order to
lessen the use of solvents.

2. Pliers for micro rings. The compression (cracking) pliers, and removing pliers
used for micro ring fitting are united in one set of pliers.
The compressing part of the pliers is on its ribbed end,
with which the micro rings can easily be cracked in a single movement, thus ensuring a
stable fitting for the false hair. Under the compression part, a 3 part area that is
suitable for the opening and removal of the micro ring can be found. The first is an
oval serrated part for the opening of the ring, that assists in the easy opening of the
micro ring. The next two round parts provide a great deal of help in the opening and
widening of the micro rings.


Pliers for Fusion Glue Bond Removal: £ 10.99
Pliers for micro rings: £ 5.99