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Clip-in set AFROline Futura heated hair extensions.

csatos póthajThe clip-in synthetic hair, FUTURA hair, is the perfect method for at home hair extension
and volumizing techniques. The fitting of the Synthetic hair does not require professional
knowledge; it can be easily fitted and removed. FUTURA type synthetic hair is the most
similar to real human hair. We recommend it for occasional wearing of hair extensions
and volumizing, and for long term wear as well. FUTUTRA hair can be CURLED and
It has a silky feel and it can be heated up to 180°C, thus it is suitable for making
special and extreme hair-dos. This type of hair can only be shaped with an electric
curling iron or flat iron, on which the temperature can be adjusted. The hair melts
above 180°C.

The advantage of clip-in hair is that it can be easily fitted and removed, thus the
lifetime of the hair can be extended; we recommend it be removed for bathing,
swimming and for sleeping.

Contents of a pack are 100g of mechanically threaded rows with widths of: 1 row of
27cm; 1 row of 24cm; 2 rows of 19 cm; 1 row of 17 cm; 2 rows of 8 cm; and 2 rows of
4 cm; every row has a braid clip of the same colour.


FUTURA clip-in hair 15,7" 100g: £ 39.99
FUTURA clip-in hair 23,6" 100g: £ 41.99
FUTURA clip-in hair 31,5" 100g: £ 43.99



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