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AFROline european hair

európai hajThe AFROline European virgin bulk hair is original un-dyed human hair.
Its biggest advantage is that by providing appropriate care for the hair, it can be reused several times for year, and it is suitable for the making the best looking hair extensions.
The quality is the same as someone’s own hair, therefore with this type of hair the most perfect and unnoticeable hair volumizing and extensions can be made. It also gives you the natural silky feel.

The quality, structure, thickness and colour of the hair of the European people are very
different. We can find straight, wavy, curly as well as blond, thousands of shades of
brown, red and black, and thin and thick hair. The European hair is human tissue and it
cannot be manufactured. We continuously carry a great range of it, mostly cut by our
own hands in Hungary and it is undyed in 90 % of cases. The European hair, as most
special hair types, requires special care and treatment.

európai hajAFROline European hair is available in natural colours, thus it is suitable for the extension of undyed hair, but it can be dyed and shaped for anyone’s needs. It can be purchased in prepared sets, ponytails for volumizing; or in hand braided rows, prepared for sew-in hair extensions.

AFROline virgin European hair is a cleaned, disinfected, hand-processed, guaranteed unidirectional cuticle, original European hair. We guarantee every products meets the highest standard that we set be the market leader. This type of hair requires to be fitted by a professional knowledge. It is available in all shades of
natural colours, but it can be dyed with the appropriate professional knowledge.