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AFROline micro rings.

The micro rings are perfectly suitable for the fitting of hair extensions without using any harmful materials.

mikrogyūrū-Similar to the sewing method, the line-sewed/threaded, upbraided false hairs can be
fitted at the root of one’s own hair with a micro ring, lock by lock, with no need to
prepare a braid from one’s own hair.

-It is also used during the fitting of pre-made and locked keratin end hair. The locks
can be easily threaded through the micro rings with the help of a needle, into which we
have previously threaded the false hair. With the help of special pliers, the micro rings
can be easily flattened, thus providing a strong hold for the false hair.

The micro ring fitted hair extensions and volumizing should be performed by a professional.
Use of metal based rings is forbidden in case of people with metal allergies, they may cause an allergic reaction. It is available in 4 and 4.5 sizes and 8 different colours. AFROline silicone based micro ring


Silicone based micro ring have the same look as the conventional micro rings, but a there is a silicone lining on the inside, for more effective hair fitting. The silicone micro ring is available in a 5.00 mm diameter.



Micro ring 100 pcs: £ 4.99
Micro gyūrū 1.000 pcs: £ 30.85

Micro ring with silicone: 100 pcs: £ 7.55
Micro ring with silicone: 1.000 pcs: £ 43.99



AFROline micro rings colours