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AFROline fusion hair extension iron

h§illeszt§ gépThe fusion iron machine is a professional product suitable for the preparation of hair extensions and volumizing. It is an essential product in keratin hair extensions and volumizing.

AFROline fusion iron is a perfectly suitable device to prepare or maintain hair locks before fitting. With its special shaped tip it is easy to create the desired hair locks and fit them with AFROline micro rings.

It is perfect for using with any type of hair, glued hair and keratin (U-shaped, cylinder shaped and flat end) locks. The fusion iron is light, ergonomic and it has a comfortable grip, thus the user’s hand does not get tired even during a several hour long process.

Two types are available
1.) one with a U shaped end
2.) one with a completely flat (level) end. The temperature can be adjusted on both ofthe machines.

The temperature can be adjusted between 80° and 180°C. The lower temperature can be used during the locking of the hair and during the application of the keratin sheets onto the raw hair; while the higher temperature can be used during the application of
the hair extensions.
Quick heating and cooling times make the machine a professional one. The AFROline heat/fusion fusion hair extension iron fitter machine has a built-in thermostat, which after reaching the desired temperature turns off the heat, and later if the temperature falls, turns the heat on again (thus keeping the machine at a constant temperature at the teflon covered ends). The heat fitted hair extension should be performed by a professional.

Only available in black.

h§illeszt§ gépPrice:

AFROline fusion hair extension iron (both types): £ 26.99