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Weft Hair clips.

Braid clips are suitable for home fitting of the line threaded (wefted) hair. This product can be used by those who do not want to wear the extension for weeks or months, either due to their job or lifestyle or their needs, or they just want to use the advantages of the hair extension on certain occasions. With the help of the weft hair clips,hairstyles that can be quickly and easily applied can be made for special occasions, weddings, balls and events and fashion shows. The use does not require professional knowledge; the hair extension can be easily applied, removed and worn with the help of these clips.

tresszcsatFor the clip-in/clip-on hair European hair, Indian hair, Asian hair or even FUTUA wefted, hair can be used. We give detailed information on the characteristics of the different hair types under the appropriate menu points.

The advantage of the clip on hair extension is that the lifetime of the hair extension can be lengthened, because it is not exposed to harmful effects when we take off the hair extension.
Hair dyeing, hot hairdrying, permanent waves, strong combing, chlorine from the swimming pools, seawater etc.

The disadvantage of the method is that the fitting is not as strong and stable as hair extension and volumizing techniques performed in salons.
Always gather the appropriate information on the handling and care of the hair extension at the site of the purchase.
Available in 3 sizes and 5 colours: black, brown, medium brown, light brown, and blond.


Weft Hair clips 22 mm small: £ 0.65
Weft Hair clips 28 mm medium: £ 0.65
Weft Hair clips 32 mm large: £ 0.65




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