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Hair sewing needle.

AFROline Sewing needles are an essential part of hair sewing. This type of needle differs greatly
from a conventional needle, since it is specifically designed for wefted hair. Its point is
far more blunt, its point is rounded off to avoid injuries since it is used on humans. In
addition it is used to sew material that is not as heavily woven as that used with a
conventional needle, but instead much more lighter and penetrable hair, thus it is not
necessary for the needle to be pointed. A hair sewing needle is bent and crooked. The
AFROline hair sewing needle is available in two types:

1. The ‘C’ shaped hair sewing needle, which can be used for normal and for thinnerhair sewing needle "L"
hair, for the fitting of the rows. This type is a completely bent, it is a C shaped hair
sewing needle.

2. The ‘L’ shaped, which should be used for much thicker hair and for bigger volumes of hair or for hair threaded in thicker rows; or for the simultaneous sewing of multiple rows.
Only the upper half of the L shaped needle is bent, this makes it longer and it in can be more easily used in thick hair. It is also more visible and can be held much more easily.


Hair sewing needle (both types): £ 0.45