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AFROline hair extensions protector

szeparátor korongSeparator discs and separator sheets.
Separators are essential tools for hair extensions and volumizing performed with lock
by lock heat fitting or micro ring fitting.
With AFROline separator discs or AFROline separator sheets we can easily separate locks of hair. They provide protection against the dripping of binding material onto the rest of the hair. í

The separators help during hair extensions to create equally separated locks and thus achieving a natural look.
They are available in a disc shape, with which one lock can be separated at a time, and
a new, long rectangular separator, with which 10 locks can be separated at the sameszeparátor lap
time for a faster fitting. The long rectangular hair extensions protector significantly decreases the work
process, and at the same time protects a larger area of the customer’s hair from the
dripping binding material, and in addition the rows can be placed in straighter, more
coordinated lines.


Hair extensions protector: £ 0.25
Hair extensions protector long rectangular: £ 0.45